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While all the following conditions are important, we particularly draw your attention to the provisions concerning privacy, data protection, our sending of necessary emails to you and limitation of PIT Solutions’ liability.

Copyright Statement

The following provisions apply to the VirtualX website only.

All content included on VirtualX, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, video/audio clips, downloads, data compilations and software, is the property of or is licensed to PIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd or its licensees and/or subcontractors.

You continue to own the copyright in any content you post to VirtualX to the same extent that you owned it prior to posting. You grant to us a worldwide, free-of-charge licence to publish, reproduce, re-publish, store and link to your content. You also grant to all other users of VirtualX the right to link to, re-post and comment on your posts, subject to the rights of any third party and to compliance with the general conditions of VirtualX.

The copyright in any third-party content which you re-post, or to which you post links, on VirtualX remains with its existing owner. If you do not own the copyright in any material you post to Loop you must ensure that you have the right to re-publish that material, either via the specific permission of the copyright owner or via a general licence, and you must attach any copyright notices required by the owner of the relevant copyright. Note that under VirtualX’s general conditions, if any post of yours infringes the copyright (or other rights) of another person, you will be liable to us for any loss, cost or damage caused.

You guarantee to PIT Solutions that you have all necessary permissions concerning any material contributed to any PIT Solutions websites and that neither you nor PIT Solutions will be in infringement of any third-party rights due to the publication of that material by PIT Solutions.

You must ensure you are aware of, and comply with, any copyright notices applying to materials which you wish to copy, re-post or provide links to. Images and graphics not forming part of user-contributed materials may not be downloaded or copied without permission.

Once you/your company signed up as a customer of VirtualX, we have the right to use you/your company as official client of us and have the right to use your logo in our website and marketing materials.

PIT Solutions and VirtualX are not liable for the failure of any VirtualX subscriber to attach necessary copyright notices.

The combination of content on the VirtualX website, and the look and feel of the website, and the copyright and all other rights in that combination and look and feel, are the sole and exclusive property of PIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Reproduction of the VirtualX website in any manner and using any means is prohibited unless specific permission has been granted by us for that purpose. All rights are expressly reserved.

All software used on the VirtualX website, and the copyright in the code constituting such software, is the property of or is licensed to PIT Solutions and its use is restricted in accordance with VirtualX’s general conditions.

All copyright, and all rights therein, are protected by national and international copyright laws.